Sunday, 30 January 2011


Here is my bento box.
It's a Hello Kitty box, with two levels and chop-sticks that fit into the lid.

Here is the lid.
The chopsticks that fit in the lid.
The top compartment with two removable parts.
The bottom compartment with a movable divider.


  1. Hi, I saw your more recent bentos at and I thought your bentos were great! :) I have a question tho.

    How big is this bento box? I mean how many ml does it hold? Sometimes pictures can be decieving. It could be a lot smaller than what I'm thinking of.

  2. Hi there! Glad you like my bentos. ^_^
    My bento box is a total of 470mls, 320 up top and 120 down the bottom.

    I find it is a good size to take my lunch to work, along with a yoghurt for morning tea. Hope that info is helpful.