Wednesday, 2 February 2011

o bento go

I made a left overs bento for lunch tomorrow.
We made a quiche and I thought it would make for a yummy lunch tomorrow.
So here it is:

You can see the quiche in the lower compartment, with some blanched asparagus, which I had with the last bento and really enjoyed, and some broccoli, full of vitamins!

The quiche doesn't have pastry, to lower the fat content, it also has some cherry tomatoes and Sanitarium vegetarian sausage and plenty of pepper in it.

In the top compartment there is the usual fruit salad that has been super refreshing on the terribly hot days we've been having. And some lonely nori rice crackers. I think I'll eat them with some Philadelphia cheese, but I don't know what else just yet.

You might notice that there is a little bunny in the bottom box. My sauce bottles finally arrived! The bunny has some soy sauce to have with my vegies.

In the top box there are two pretty flowers, they're reusable tooth-like picks, to eat my fruit with.


  1. You DO have fun with your food!

  2. Means I look forward to eating my packed lunches now. Not dreading a soggy ol' sandwich!