Monday, 7 March 2011

bento gear

This is the gear I use when making or serving my bento.

There is cutlery, shape cutters, face stamps, food-picks, sauce bottles and patty-pans.

Here is a little info on each:

These are my cutlery set and food-picks.

I found the cutlery by accident at my local supermarket one day and thought it would be a great addition to my bento set. Because, while I can use chop-sticks, sometimes, to by honest, I just can't be bothered. And for foods like pasta salad, you really just need a fork and spoon!

The food picks I use with my fruit salad and when I take olives. They're very pretty and add a splash of colour to the box.
These are some shape cutters and face stamps.
I use the Hello Kitty and My Melody face shape cutters to make fruit and veg shaped like the characters. They work just like biscuit (or 'cookie') cutters except they have an extra part that you push through the middle that stamps the facial features on.
The face stamps I haven't used yet. But one day I'll use them to cut out cute faces from nori to place on some of the foods in my bento.

These are my cute little sauce bottles, great for taking soy or chili sauces to put on veggies or stir-fry. They're cute little faces brighten my day!

  I used the silicone patty-pans to keep sauces separate from other foods, or foods separate from sauces.
These are the smaller of the two sizes that I have.

So, this is some of the gear I used to make or serve my bento. Most of it I bought off line from Ebay others I just picked up at the grocery store when I happened upon it.


  1. This is so cute, do you use all of them often?

  2. I use the patty pans and cuttlery all of the time.
    The sauce bottles, it depends on what I'm having in my bento, if I want sauce on something then, sure.
    The shape cutters, it depends on how much time I have and how creative I'm feeling! ^_^

  3. i saw those cutlery things at the supermarket today so i bought myself some, how great are they!

  4. They're great. I use them all the time. Very handy and pack away into a cute little container to keep them clean in your bag.