Sunday, 29 April 2012

sticky meatball and potato salad bento

Meatballs, potato salad, multi-grain rice crackers, Babybel and grapes.

The meatballs a bit of an experiment. I have made a batch of fairly plane flavoured meatballs and my idea is to add different sauces to them to add variety to my bentos this week. Today's are coated in kecap manis (sweet soy sauce).

The potato salad was well and truly thrown together. The fridge here is bare (doing the shop tomorrow, but I managed to find a potato and decided to give potato salad a go.

I cooked the potato in the microwave and while it was cooking I mixed from fat-free natural yoghurt with a little mayonnaise, grated carrot and green onions. When the potato had cooled a chopped it up and mixed it all together, it actually turned out really, really nice!!

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