Sunday, 27 March 2011

agnolotti and salad bento

I was having a bit of a lazy day, so we had some Latina Fresh agnolotti for dinner, which I've used in the bento. I just cooked it up in some boiling water and used some bought pasta sauce. Very, very lazy I know. But it is Sunday.

Top: Tamari Nibble Mix, white nectarine, grapes, a jelly and a Babybel bear.
Bottom: Spinach and ricotta agnolotti and salad.

Calories: 637 (2656kj)
Process & time:
  1. Place agnolotti in box, chop salad and place in box = 5mins
  2. Cut carrot decorations = 2mins
  3. Place tamari mix in box =1min
  4. Cut nectarine and arrange in box with grapes and jelly = 2mins
  5. Make face for Babybel attach with fruit-pick ears, place in box = 5mins

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