Wednesday, 23 March 2011

teriyaki tofu bento

Top: White nectarine and grapes, chocolate biscuits and a My Melody Babybel.
Bottom: Teriyaki tofu, asparagus, white rice and soy sauce.

Calories: 487 (2034kj)

Process & time:

  1. Place left over teriyaki, rice and asparagus in bento box = 1min
  2. Cut nectarine and arrange in box with grapes = 3mins
  3. Cut My Melody face into Babybel, place in box with biscuit = 3 mins
  4. Fill sauce bottle with soy sauce = 1min


  1. Hi Tegan, as usual love your bentons. I have a question ... how do you keep the necterine (or even avocado) from turning brown/black. My son, won't eat it after they turn color.

  2. To be honest I haven't worked out how to stop the avocado turning brown. Something I need to do some research into.

    Placing fruit in acidulated water, water with lemon juice in it will prevent it from browning.