Tuesday, 10 May 2011

frittata bento

Sorry there was no post yesterday, I was ready to go and Blogger just wouldn't work for me... They seem to have sorted things out though, so here we go...

Frittata with onion jam, mandarin, strawberries, mini-jelly and crackers.

Calories: 477 (1992kj)

I am cooking frittatas at work with some of my classes, the first group did their's today and I was inspired to make an easy dinner. I made this basic frittata mix (with light cheese and milk rather than cream) and added what ever I could find in the fridge, tomato slices, vegie sausages, parsley and onion.

Time & process:
  1. Make frittata for dinner - 50 minutes.
  2. Pack frittata with onion jam - 2 minutes.
  3. Pack snacks - 3 minutes.
You'll also notice that I have... another... bento box! Shaped like a cute ol' strawberry, too cute!

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