Wednesday, 25 May 2011

spicy enchilada bento

Vegetarian enchiladas, guacamole (hiding under lemon slices), a slice kiwi fruit, capsicum strips and hommus.

Calories: 485 (2029kj)

I love Mexican food,  these are some spicy chilli bean enchiladas with plenty of (low fat) cheese... Yummy!
I've also covered the guacamole with lemon slices and cling wrap (after I took the photo) in an attempt to stop it browning, I hope it works.

Time & process:
  1. Make enchiladas for dinner - 30 minutes
  2. Place guacamole in bento box and cover with lemon slices - 2 minutes
  3. Slice kiwi fruit and place in bento box - 2 minutes
  4. Cut 10 strips of capsicum and halve, place in bento box with hommus - 3 minutes

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