Thursday, 26 May 2011

satay noodle bento

Udon noodles and vegetables with satay sauce, apple bunnies and salt and vinegar rice crackers.

Calories: 480 (2006kj)

The sauce was adapted from this recipe, I added some vegies, because I love 'em and tossed it through some udon noodles.

Time & process:
  1. Prepare satay sauce as recipe above (adding vegies when simmering sauce) - 20 minutes
  2. Follow directions on noodle packet - 2 minutes
  3. Toss sauce through needles and place in bento box - 2 minutes
  4. Make apple bunnies and place in bento box with rice crackers - 10 minutes


  1. Hi, Tegan! I've been browsing through all of your recent posts and I have to say you're quite an inspiration for bento making. I hope to begin posting some of my own bentos when I start work sometime soon...

  2. Hi April!
    I'm glad you like my adventures in bento making. I look forward to seeing some of your bentos in the future! ^_^