Monday, 14 November 2011

lamb kebab bento

Mini Moroccan seasoned lamb kebabs, salad with lettuce, red and yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes and olives, light Caesar dressing, light jelly (lime) and honey roasted macadamias.

Calories: 375

Very quick to make and the lamb is delish! Cut it into strips and thread it onto shortened skewers then coat with Master Foods Moroccan spice mix. Then grill. Yum!!


  1. Start heating frying pan.
  2. Make kebabs and place on heated pan.
  3. Cut salad stuffs and place in bento box (while keeping an eye on and turning kebabs when needed).
  4. Remove kebabs from pan and set aside.
  5. Pack nuts and jelly.
  6. Place kebabs in bento box.
  7. Fill dressing bottle.
15 minutes!

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