Wednesday, 30 March 2011

nyssa's birthday bento

My sister, Nyssa, has been admiring my bentos. It was her birthday yesterday, so I offered to make her a bento lunch.
I made Nyssa's in my Hello Kitty bento box (the one I usually use) and one for myself in my new kokeshi bento box.

Introducing my new kokeshi shaped bento box. Isn't she the cutest!! I love her! I think I will need to name her.
This is the bento I made for my sister.

Top: Babybel, grapes, strawberries, instant miso soup and rice crackers.
Bottom: Macaroni bake, asparagus, sauce for asparagus and carrots cooked with honey and sultanas.

The asparagus sauce is made from a dessert spoon of low-fat mayonnaise, half a dessert spoon of dijon mustard and half a dessert spoon of lemon juice.

Here is the same bento, in my new kokeshi.

I had to put the fruit and extras in a separate container, I think I'll need to get a cute little snack box to use with the kokeshi.

Calories: 396 (1650kj)

Time& process:
  1. Take macaroni bake out of freezer in morning.
  2. Chop carrots = 5 mins
  3. Cook vegetables = 5 mins
  4. Lay vegetables to cool on plate for 10 mins
  5. Make sauce for asparagus = 1min
  6. Make face for Babybel, arrange in box with fruit and crackers = 5mins

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  1. :) thank you, im sooooooooooo excited!!