Sunday, 20 March 2011

the same but different

It's Sunday, and I'm going on a picnic. I packed a bento for myself, and one for my boyfriend.
Same ingredients, one in my bento box, the other in a vintage Tupperware container.
Top: Tamari Nibble Mix, grapes and apples (my bunny has a funny ear.... o_O)
Bottom: Kidney bean burgers, honey carrot flowers, salsa and mustard broccoli.

Because none of the ingredients were prepared and I made it all this morning, these bentos took me nearly three hours to prepare... woah!
I wasn't really thinking about time management, I made each part separately, rather than doing some while the others were cooking. It was a nice way to fill a Sunday morning, so no complaints from me. ^_^

Calories: 371 (1547kj)

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