Sunday, 1 May 2011

pizza bento

Pizza bento in my new Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Plus, which I thought would be great for bento when I saw it in their catalogue, the photo even showed it was sushi in it!

Any way, it's holding an orange, Lebanese bread pizza (topped with basil, kalamata olives oven roasted tomatoes and cheese), strawberries, blueberries and Japanese rice crackers.

Calories: 448 (1871kj)

Time & process:
  1. Make pizza - 10 minutes
  2. Cut orange and arrange in box - 2 minutes
  3. Fill right compartments with fruit and crackers - 1 minute
 The Lebanese bread is a tasty quick dinner, or bento in this case.
Grill one side of the bread under a grill till crispy, put desired toppings on ungrilled side then place under the grill again till the toppings are cooked. Enjoy!

**It's very important that you place the toppings on the ungrilled side, or your pizza will end up looking like this:

Oh dear!

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