Wednesday, 20 July 2011

polenta and veg bento

Roast veggies (potato, parsnip and red capsicum), baked polenta pieces with green tomato chutney from Big Shed Wines and a fruit salad or pink lady apple, grapes and red grapefruit.

Calories: 501 (2091kj)

This was my first go a cooking polenta. I served the unbaked version with dinner, I liked it, but my fella wasn't keen. So, I thought I would have a go a baking the left overs. omg. I loved it, and so did he. I had to stop him from eating my bento portion!

I cooked the polenta by bringing 4 cups of vegetable stock to the boil, reducing it to a simmer then adding 1 cup of polenta. It should simmer for about 15 minutes (I needed to add a little more water as it was cooking). I served it like this with lots of pepper for dinner.

What was left I spread out in a lined slice tin and put in the freezer to cool. When it was cooled I removed it from the tin and cut into bits, sprayed with oil and baked till golden. Delish!

  1. Chop and bake veggies.
  2. Cook polenta per above instructions.
  3. Segmenting grapefruit over a bowl to collect juices and chop apple.
  4. Soak apple in grape fruit juices to prevent browning.
  5. Place cooled veggies and polenta in bento box with chutney.
  6. Assemble fruit salad.
Time: Cooking time was quite lengthy, as it involved baking (which takes a loooong time in my terrible oven). Assembly time however, was only around 15 minutes.


  1. Thanks for the polenta recipe, I'm going to try that! :)

  2. That's okay! Glad you feel inspired!