Sunday, 17 July 2011

roasted tomatoes with barley and bean salad bento

Barley and bean salad, roasted tomatoes, lemon and dill dressing, strawberries, natural yoghurt with honey and cinnamon and a cinnamon and apple tea.

Calories: 495 (2068kj)

Sorry about my extended absence, I was busy at work, came down with the flu and when I recovered I went away on holiday for a week.
I am feeling much better now, lovely and relaxed and I have jumped right back into bento. ^_^

While away I more than indulged myself, in delicious foods and quite a bit of booze. Not the best lifestyle for the waistline.

So, I've decided to do a bit of a detox. I plan to stick it out for 5 days. The above is my first detox bento. A tasty, filling and healthy lunch. Which is what I aim for in all my bentos.

The salad and tomatoes are served in a gift from my sister, a Tupperware bento box! It is great! A lovely size, snug fitting lid and a matching dressing bottle! Even better, the box and lid are microwave safe, not that I'll be heating the salad.

Time & process:
  1. Roast tomatoes (1 and a half) and boil pearl barley (1/4 cup) - 20 minutes
  2. While they above is happening, chop 1/2 a small green capsicum, 1/2 a red onion and 1/2 a cup of coriander - 15 minutes
  3. Place 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon finely chopped dill, and a crushed clove of garlic in a jar and shake - 5 minutes
  4. Drain the barley and mix with capsicum, onion, coriander and 1/3 tin drained kidney beans - 2 minutes
  5. Place salad and tomatoes in bento box and pour dressing into bottle - 2 minutes
  6. Mix yoghurt and honey and place in snack box, sprinkle with cinnamon - 2 minutes
  7. Place strawberries in snack box - 1 minutes


  1. This looks great!! So helpful that you put the extra details in the post too! Awesome job!! :)